The Spaniard


Whole peppered wild boar salchichon, 220g; Iberico sliced lomo, 80g; Iberico sliced chorizo, 80g; Aged Manchego, 250g; El Maestro Quesero Cabrales blue cheese, 300g; Membrillo quince paste, 350g; Don Pelayo crystal bread wafer biscuits, 35g; Paul & Pippa smoked salt and olive oil crackers, 130g; Paul & Pippa Carrot Cake sweet biscuits, 110g; San Nicasio Pink Himalayan sea salt crisps, 150g; Les Garrigues caramelised almonds, 275g jar; Mevalco picante Gordal olives, 185g tin; Oak Honey, 375g; Chocolate with almond Turon, 300g

Please allow a minimum of 4 working days for delivery of our luxury hampers.